Friday, March 9, 2012

Black Perspective in Hollywood

After taking this class and watching this video, I was very engaged in what Viola Davis was saying and how she as a working actress of color has dealt with the pressures of Hollywood's stereotypes. We are consistently bombarded with stereotypes in media, which in actuality alters such amazing and talented actors and actress due to the pure fact that they don't fit Hollywood's standard in appearance. I found it very interesting what George Clooney was saying about how studio heads view the public. After watching this video I did further research on this and came across an amazing article, to elaborate further on this issue.

After watching the video and reading the article what are you thoughts on Charlize Theron's reaction to what Viola Davis was saying? Why do you think her response was so simple and what where your reactions to what the other actors where saying? How did you feel after watching the video and reading the article?

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