Thursday, March 22, 2012

Discussion Points for Roseanne: unruly woman as domestic goddess

Bottom line: Roseanne’s overall character threatens the dominant ideology of femininity all together. Deemed as grotesque, slouchy, excess, loose and fat, Rosanne’s critics attempted to contain her unruliness that challenged traditional values. Though subject to ridicule, Roseanne was able to embody the unruly domestic goddess and portray it as a positive image.

 1.Why is it that Roseanne was portrayed so negatively in the media but was so well received by audiences? Is she seen as a threat to them? (The media)
2.  How does her character threaten the dominant ideologies in place?
 3. Are there any other actresses or characters that can be categorized as the Unruly domestic goddess?
4.Does Margret Cho have similar attributes to Roseanne’s character? Can she be considered unruly as well?

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