Friday, March 9, 2012

Ling Woo in Historical Context: The New Face of Asian American Stereotypes on Television

Sun explains what historical stereotypes have existed for Asian women and how they have hyper sexualized the Asian women in order to maintain the myth of white male virility and superiority. Traditionally these stereotypes have consisted of the Lotus Blossom Baby, ultra feminine and submissive and the Dragon Lady, cunning and dangerous. Both of course are subject to hyper sexualization; the Lotus Blossom being geisha like and submissive while the dragon lady often takes a femme fatale like role.
Finally moving onto Ling Woo, Sun presents the ambiguity of her role in the media. She can be viewed both as a strong woman taking control of her sexuality, unafraid to speak her mind but it can also be argued (with ease) that she is simply another way to hyper sexualize Asian women, ultimately feeding the white male myth of Asian women existing for His sexual pleasure.

This hyper sexualization is not unique to Asian women. Latin women are assumed to be Caliente at all times while Black women have been seen as exotic and sexually charged since they were first forcefully brought to America. Why do you think white America continues to push these stereotypes today? Do you think the novelty and perception of Non white women as exotic will wear off ?

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