Thursday, March 1, 2012

Discussion Points for Debra Merskin, Three Faces of Eva

Info About the Article: Merskin describes how Eva Longoria's character on Desperate Housewives falls into the three categories mentioned in the article which are the Cantina Girl (the sexual object), the Faithful, Self Sacrificing Senorita (the good girl, gone bad who protects her white love interest) and the Vamp (uses her intellect and sexuality to get whatever she wants and she brings men to act violent).  Longoria uses the fact that she is Hispanic and her sexuality in real life which does not make her so different from her character on television. The author ends the reading by stating that these stereotypes on televison make male viewers not  expect much from Hispanic females based on how they see them portrayed in real life and that leads to Hispanic females not expecting much for themselves.

Questions for the class: Do you guys think that all Hispanic actresses on American televison fall into the "Latina Stereotype"? and for the ones that do fall into that stereotype can they be taken seriously in Hollywood or are they stuck playing these roles in any other project they do?

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