Thursday, March 15, 2012

Afghanistan women set themselves on fire!

The readings we had were about Muslim and Arab women not being opressed and how compared to American culture treatment of women is pretty much the same we just dress different and observe different ways of expressing our selves. I remembered the issue of women in the middle east setting themselves on fire so thier husbands wouldn't want them anymore and divorce them but the the outcomes were usually fatal. Domestic violence in America is a very prevalent issue, but battered women here have not come up with solutions as creative/symbolic as setting themselves on fire. Not to say that this is not an interesting read but one point made in the readings was that the media would rather us focus on the negative things that happen in other countries to build and reienforce the image that America is good and everywhere else is bad, when in fact American Media tends to neglect our own issues by not giving them the much needed attention they deserve.

What are issues you wish the media would focus on, on our own shores.


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