Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marc Jacobs vs. the ASA

I came across this ad awhile ago after seeing it in a copy of Teen Vogue over the summer. At the time, it didn't seem shocking to me, but now I realize how relevant it is to our class. The ad is for Marc Jacobs' new fragrances called Oh Lola. It features 17 year old actress Dakota Fanning holding the fragrance bottle in a suggestive position. It seems a bit phallic. Take a look:

The ad has sparked controversy, especially in the UK where the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) has decided to ban it due to their belief that the ad "sexualized children."

Here's a link to the full story:

Do you think the ad is controversial? Is the ASA taking it too far by banning the ad?


  1. I too had seen this ad several times in fashion magazines and not thought much of it, but looking again I am disturbed. Particularly because of the fact that she is dressed in an innocent littel pink dress and looking so seductively at the camera. The giant rose bottle she is holding right at her crotch reminds me of de-flowering a virgin. Pretty sick advertising scheme if you ask me.

  2. I actually wrote my first paper on this ad. It's totally messed up, it stood out instantly when I saw it in a magazine. My boyfriend was actually the one to point out how gross it was. It's everything, her overdone makeup, little girl style dress, disheveled hair, and obviously her body position and where the bottle is. Making lolita's seem stylish and "in" while promoting extreme youth and innocence to older woman by selling them a bottle of something that may make them smell like a sexually curious 10 year old?

  3. This shows how far the media is prepared to portary women as sex objects.

  4. At first glance I didnt think to much about the ad, but then I noticed the flower and regardless of her age, yeah its pretty gross.... If the bottle didnt have the flower on top would it make it less offensive?

  5. I think this is terrible. Everything about it.
    The fact that the bottle is a flower doesn't seem like it's a coincidence either.