Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I found this Ad on Adweek.com a while ago and just havent got around to posting it. The article that goes along with it talks about how in the 1960s Pepsi decided to target the demographic they hoped would buy their product instead of the product itself (Pepsi Generation), which at the time was revolutionary. This year Pepsi also released a Ad campaign for its new skinny can which aims to target "beautiful, confident women".
What is the message the second Ad is giving to its target audience (beautiful confident women)?

link to full article


  1. It's amazing the semiotics at hand here. I'll admit I'm guilty of it too. Skinny cans must be feminine---that's a girl drink. I think it's a great juxtaposition to our DR. PEPPER commercial from earlier this semester.

    How do advertisements for sodas reinforce gender roles?

  2. I guess the beautiful confident woman is supposed to be skinny. It’s odd that the cartoon woman in the picture looks very similar to Sofia Vergara in the Pepsi commercial that she did. I apologize in advance if anyone is offended but she doesn’t really represent skinny, she is more of a curvy woman so the ad kind of contradicts itself.

    here is the link to a photo used in the commercial I saw