Friday, October 21, 2011

I Send Mixed Messages

As I was standing outside of Hunter, I spotted this ad on the side of a M103 bus:

(The bus was in motion so I couldn't take a picture of the ad, but this is the same ad as a billboard in LA.)

In the ad, Svedka is selling their vodka by using their well-known Fembot. This ad features her lying down, back arched and buxom chest out, with the words "I send mixed messages" above her.

Do you think this ad can be viewed as a play on the idea of a mixed drink, i.e. a cranberry vodka, or is t using Fembot's sex appeal to sell their product? Why would an alcohol company create a mascot like Fembot?

1 comment:

  1. I did my paper on this ad campaign. I've noticed even more around the city since it's been posted. The campaign is pretty much saying women are mens sex machines. The double entendre in the ad you point out is totally inentional. Svedka is selling liquor through sexbots.