Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Arab world (Saudi Arabia) commerical for Viagra equivalent

In this commercial a veiled Muslim woman, as mother/wife, tends to children as her veiled husband returns home from work and asks if the children have finished their homework. She responds with a yes they have and tells him it is now time for him to do his homework then the commercial says take Snafi so you can fulfill your homework. Juxtaposing this advertisement against U.S. media for similar products much can be inferred of the cultural context and even more when joined with this week's readings regarding media's representation of Muslim men and women throughout the Middle East. Unlike the U.S. media's representation of Muslim, veiled women being oppressed, hidden in harems and kept strictly as sex slaves to the males this Saudi advertisement shows a woman in control of her sexuality - making demands directly to her husband as opposed to being the passive subject to the man's whim and control as a sex slave. The ad offers a product to assist the tired from work at end of day man to meet the needs and demands of his wife as opposed to meet the demands of a man's lack of confidence in himself to be resolved through sexual activity and domination, such as is often seen in U.S. media.

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