Wednesday, April 3, 2013

secret escapes or secret affairs?

I saw this commercial recently and wasn't too sure about what the intended message was, but what I got from it was that "secret escapes" is where women can book secret trips with out their spouses knowing about it. it sounds to me like its trying to promote cheating, making cheating seem easy ( with the "70% off" incentive) and glamorizing it in a way.
It makes women look sneaky and dishonest.
The thing about it that made me weary was that it appears to be targeted to women, but it came on while I was watching basketball, and usually commercials during sports are targeted at men.
 I wonder if it is really trying to tell men to cheat on their spouses, while using a women, so that men don't feel as guilty about it.

What is this commercial saying to you about women?

Am I the only one that sees this meaning in the commercial?
What other types of readings could you get from this?

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  1. I think another reading would be that modern relationships aren't truthful in general. It reminds me of the ever-so-annoying "I hate my wife" character that certain men play. It's basically promoting deception, which inevitably is the downfall of a relationship. What happened to trust? What happened to loving who you are with? Wouldn't you want to go on a vacation with your significant other, regardless of whether you are a woman or man?