Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Prom Season

I saw this post while browsing today and it caught my attention because I find it ridiculous that there even needs to be a blog post reassuring girls that it is fine to attend prom without a date.
I have to confess that I never attended prom because my schoolmates and I felt like it wasn't a necessity. I also went to a small international high school, so the cultural difference is present. I'm not sure if it is only an American tradition, but the pressure for both girls and boys to find a date is really exhausting.
I think girls especially have a lot of pressure to get a date because society has somehow declared that having a date is the only acceptable way to attend prom. There have been too many movie scenes or TV episodes dedicated to this topic.
I think that society shouldn't encourage young girls to depend on others for them to be accepted or make them happy. There isn't anything wrong with attending prom by yourself or with a group of friends.
I feel like guys do not experience the same pressure, which is a double standard. If a girl goes by herself it is automatically assumed that no one asked her out, but that almost never happens with guys.

What do the women and men think about this?
Did you attend prom with a date? Is it necessary to have one?

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