Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Perception of Beauty

I was able to locate an ad in regards to the true development of production of what the viewers seen as advertisement. They obscure the way the women looks to what they depict to what should be viewed as When did we as women allow society to give an image of a woman over the way she truly looks. I thought this women was beautiful the way she was before the digital enhancements. What do you think? As we have been learning in class the deconstructing of images and this would be a perfect one to practice with. So, I pose the question is there a wait that we could bring back the true beauty over the enhanced beauty of women?


  1. I'm confused what is "the true beauty" (no intend to offend you). But no one has an exceptional privilege to oppress one's desire of expressing themselves - it matters with what is their desirable images as a beautiful women, which created by cosmatic companies, unrealistically. Men we are all cheated, but we are smart enough to see the photoshoping + make-up made artificial beauty over their (models) skin. I honestly, attracted by beautiful women, but, ultimately we (men)are seeking for women who has warm-hearted and beautiful minded. Thank you for sharing this video clip.

  2. When I speak of true beauty, I'm speaking of the removal of digital enhancement of women in the media. We have young sisters, daughters, nieces, and cousins watching magazines and movies perceiving what they see as reality.