Friday, September 21, 2012

Looking into the History of Colored Women in the Media

The history of women that has been played in the media is one that have show women to be soft, vulnerable, dependent, homemakers, and much much more but the way women of color has been portrayed is totally different then that of their Caucasian counter partners. Colored women have not been looked upon as another women in the fight towards anything. They have always looked as being other to the mass. Their history in the media has never been one of vulnerability or homemaker. Their view has been of nanny, unintelligent, whores, housekeepers, aggressive, good cooks, and the disfigurement of their bodies; they have never been looked upon as women, if you remove the label of women, they haven't been looked upon as person neither. This link would guide you through the history of colored women in the media. After I watched this short video I cried, you tend to open your eyes to what has been going on around you once confronted. Do you think that this image truly represent the way colored women has been viewed in the media or do you think that this is and over exaggeration of how they were depicted in the media?

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