Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reflection on class discussion: Gender & Sexuality

I found our class discussion on gender and sexuality very interesting and entertaining. The discussion helped me to become more aware of gender and sexuality in the media. It’s mind-boggling to think how obtuse my knowledge was on the topic and how much it perpetuates in the media. I love doing the exercise in the beginning of class about what comes to mind, what we think of, and what female women in the media represent in terms of whatever topic it is we’re discussing. It really helps me get a visual and home in on how these women are truly represented. When we watched the thirty minute clip on the Celluloid Closet, I found the way men and women were depicted implicitly and explicitly so unique. I found it intriguing that men were portrayed with more femininity and women were represented more masculine. I agree with VIktorsha’s comment about femininity in men threatening the patriarchal society. Men have always been depicted as the ‘bread winner’ and the one that wears the pants in the relationship. With the influx of flamboyancy in gender and sexuality, I think it strains this idea of men being masculine and powerful. I think because of these schemas, people form these ideologies that there needs to be a ‘butch’ or ‘femm’ in a relationship. In the reading, “What is Gay and What is Not,” the section, ‘Being Homosexual Is a Choice’, I loved the quote… “I think I’ll be gay. I can become a member of an oppressed minority, have restrictions placed on my life, imperil my relationship with my family, be exposed to bigotry, hear myself referred to as sick and perverted, be discriminated against by my religion and my government, be assaulted verbally, psychologically, and physically for merely existing.” That quote just affirms my thoughts on a person not choosing to be gay, but discovering they are. Great discussion topic, really enjoyed it!

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