Sunday, April 22, 2012

Media Moment, Gender Pay Inequality

WOW!! Uh, offensive, unjust, inaccurate, mirrors EVERYTHING we’ve touched on in class, over the course of the semester?! I THINK SO! 5Jobs Where Men OUTEARN Women the Most. 1.) Sales Consultant – Difference in Pay: 27 Percent 2.) Real Estate Broker – Difference in Pay: 23 Percent 3.) Recruiting Director – Difference in Pay: 20 Percent 4.) Portfolio Manager – Difference in Pay: 15 Percent and 5.) Chief Executive Officer – Difference in Pay: 15 Percent.
Now, tell me what you think about that! It’s obvious that gender discrimination and gender pay inequality in the work place is still very much existent. In 2010, the Census Bureau recorded women’s earnings to be 77.4 percent of men’s. Experience and education are still playing a vital role in the work force between men and women. This is just UNFAIR. I don’t know WHAT we have to do for some equality around here! I wonder if the perpetuation of ‘men’ being the dominant, masculine norm in today’s society has anything to do with it? Maybe gender pay equality starts with the media?
This quote sparked my interest:
“Bardaro says this gap may be attributed to personality traits and putting in extra hours, an area where males may have more flexibility due to fewer responsibilities at home. ‘Even though in today’s society many families are taking a more balanced approach to raising children and household chores, women are still bearing the brunt of the work,’ she says.”
Do you think men are monopolizing these high-paying careers because women have more responsibilities at home and are less lenient with there availability? 
Even in today’s society with both men and women taking a more balanced approach at home, do you think that will help women climb the gender pay totem pole?


  1. I'm a sociology major, and I talk about stuff like this all the time! Women are discriminated against daily. The fact we make less than men sucks:( not only do we make less than men but women are often harassed by men as well. We live in a male privileged society


  2. I feel its ridiculous to have unequal pay between men and women. If equal pay is given to men and women this creates more competition in the workplace and higher reward.