Friday, April 13, 2012

Media Moment: Mitt Romney's "War On Women"

     On the first full day of the presidential campaign trail, governor Mitt Romney declared that there is a "war on women" after many women lost their jobs during President Obama's term. According to Toby Washington's article on the daily mail, he said "Romney sought to address a starting gender gap that he needs to overcome if he is to win the White House." On the first day of his campaign in Connecticut Romney said " Oh there is a war on women lets bring him back to the fact that it is the real war upon women that has been waged by his economic policies." Mr. Romney plans on making this issue a primary issue going into this presidential campaign.

     According to the Romney campaign the Obama administration has caused the loss of 92 percent of women's jobs. However, according to Toby Washington he says that it is "a standard characteristic" to see women lose their jobs after a major downturn because it is part of the cycle.

    My question to the class is, do you think Mitt Romney has a point? Is there a "war on women"? Is this more of a political agenda or a real issue being raised here?

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  1. Taking into consideration the gender gap in the work force I definitely agree with Mitt Romney's statement. Although there has been an overall increase in women employment especially in the fields that were once reserved for men such as law or medical careers, most females faced discrimination. Women of color are underrepresented in high salary occupations and most females earn less money than men do regardless of their education. Also the fact that women are also more likely than men to experience sexual harassment supports Romney’s viewpoint. There is a “war on women” and a radical reform needs to take place in order for equality to be obtained in the workplace.