Sunday, April 29, 2012

Media Moments: Women See Worrisome Shift in Turkey

I recently read this article on the New York Times website called "Women See Worrisome Shift In Turkey" by Dan Bilefsky. The story covered the life of Turkish women. Gokce, a 37 year old mother of two who has been living on the run for 15 years. She ran away because of the abusive relationship she was in with her husband. Throughout that time her husband stabbed her brother to find out about her whereabouts. WHen she went to the police for help the police told her to go back to her husband. She even claimed to have heard an officer advise him to break her legs so she could not escape.

Last year a bill was passed that extended compulsory education to 12 years but allowed home schooling after the first eight which encourages the practice of child brides.

My question is, in the struggle to find women's rights for all. How does one attack the issue of women's rights in the middle east? Many of the existing governments have conservative ideologies and perfer women to play their role in society.

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