Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sofia Vergara for Kmart

As I was researching ideas for my project, I came across this ad campaign for Kmart featuring Colombian actress Sofia Vergara:


What ideas about womanhood are being perpetuated in the commercial? Is Vergara empowering women, or is there a negative message behind it? Also, does the commercial send out any messages about Latina women?


  1. Of course they have the women taking off their clothes as a transitional method, further proving that women are simply and should be sexually appeasing. It starts off with Sophia in a skin-tight leopard dress with her boobs in her face and ends with her in a short mini skirt; therefore, they made a point to exploit every part of her body to force her sex appeal upon the viewer. The provocative Latin accent throughout gives a message that every woman, no matter her race (and each one is deffernet) has a fiery vixen Latina woman inside of her. It completely sexualizes latina woman with Sophia at the forefront as an undoubted sex symbol.

  2. I don't see how selling them clothes could empower women, especially not the type of clothes Vergara is wearing.
    "You're a woman, so dress like a woman." That perpetuates the idea that women cannot dress the way they want, they have to confine themselves to what is perceived as feminine clothing. And if you don't dress this way, you're not a woman, but then who are you?
    "Be proud. Be sexy." Is it if you're proud of yourself you're gonna be sexy (confidence is sexy) or you should be proud to be sexy? Again the solution is as superficial as clothing.