Monday, December 12, 2011

The A in PHALT - P

Oprah strikes again.

The talk show host has launched her own channel and a new show "Rolling with Zach" features a travel host, who has cerebral palsy, the show features (from what I can tell from this clip from the pilot) how to deal if things don't go as planned when travelling...just "roll with it," says Zach.

He was one of the winners of the channel's "create Your OWN show" sweepstakes.

I think it's great! What's awesome is Zach has his own personality and from the clip, you can see past his "disability" without the show white washing it (there's so many references to "walking around"reminding us not to take it for granted.)

What do you guys think? A step in over coming the A in PHALT-P?

Watch this clip!

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