Monday, December 5, 2011

Sinfully Delicious

I was online looking for this Duane Reade Gelato advertisement that I was controversial until I stumbled onto this one on images. This was a way more controversial gelato ad than DR ad which only had a picture of the brand ice creams and text that said, " You'll start to forget him by the 4th spoonful." The ad right here is of Federici's "Sinfully Delicious Gelato" and you can see a sacrilegious nun and pastor. On one side they are touching each other physically and the other just gazing at each other sexually with the gelato in their hands.

My question is: Are the advertisers trying to say even people who are thought to be religious still act bad and why is the pastor still the aggressor? Couldn't it have been the nun? 

-Denisse G