Thursday, February 2, 2012

Media Moment: Women, Sex, and Music

Here is an article I wanted to share with the rest of the class. It is an article talking about women in the music industry. It discusses how women try to be molded by their managers and others to look sexy and appealing to viewers and the media. As someone myself who works at a music studio I have over heard managers talking to their female artists about appeal. Some even encourage them to make their music "more sexy".



  1. I think that's pretty sad how the music industry works that way but it's also just human nature. Primarily, all the record label sees is the profit they make by putting a girl out there and I'm sure the singer wouldn't mind showing some skin to make great money as well. Hopefully as time progresses, younger talent will be looked upon for mainly their talent and not their sex appeal.

  2. Here an example of how the music industry pressure female musicians to sex up their image. Young talented Avril Lagvine debut her first album in 2003 with staggering records and reviews. Her punk-pop music reflected her personal style which mainly consisted of black eyeliner and baggy pants. No sexy wardrobe or sassy choreography. Not even a single implication of sex. Fast forward a couple years and a few disappointing record sales; Avril image got a makeover, Hollywood style. Her first single “Girlfriend” lacked the authenticity that characterized her lyrics and she traded her combat boots for heels. But who’s to blame for Avril commercialized persona? Perhaps she was indeed a punk rock wannabe. Obviously she’s not the only one to resort to these methods as even stabilized divas at times bare more skin in order to compete with the fresh up and coming stars(Janet’s half time fiasco). This is problematic as these stars are idolized by girls of delicate age that interpret their marketing strategies for life lessons.