Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Like a Blogger

Let's get started in Blogger . . . here are the basics of posting.

1. From the Dashboard, click on NEW POST.

2. There are two tabs -- Edit Html and Compose. Start off in Compose.

3. Write your text or paste it from another word processing programming.

4. Use the bold, italic, color, font, and size options to make your text pop.

5. Spell check by clicking on the ABC/blue check button.

6. Make it pretty! Always include a visual element -- either a video or photo. I guess I better follow my own advice, eh?

7. To add a photo, click on the photo image button. Browse for the image on your computer or upload it from a url. Chose the size and position.

8. To post a video, get the embed code. This is different than the url of the video. In YouTube you find it by clicking on Share.

8. Copy the embed code. Now go to the Edit Html tab and paste it where you want it.

9. Hyperlinks make blogging fun. You can reference articles, artists, blogs and other online sources. You can get creative with which words you chose as the hyperlink. A word of warning! Hyperlinks take readers away from your page, so use them wisely and not excessively. To add a hyperlink, highlight the text and click on the link button. (Next to the text color box.) Paste the url of your link.

10. You can preview the blog before you post, to see if it looks clean and fascinating.

11. When you are ready, hit PUBLISH POST. Don't worry, you can always re-edit it.

12. Another Hunter College instructor, Martyna Starosta, has some great ideas on how to write engaging blog entries.

13. One more thing . . . what do you get when you combine blogging and 3rd wave feminism? Aha! These.

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