Monday, November 12, 2012

Media Moment

I saw this 30 second commercial and the first thing that came to mind was sharing it with the class.

Dewar's - The Drinking Man's Scotch

From the title it is known its an alcohol commercial but in the back of my mind I was already expecting more.  It brought me back to the champagne commercial we saw in the first classes.  Women are hypersexualized in advertisements to draw in men's attention as if it's the only way it can be done.  Before this class, I would have watched this commercial and not thought much of it.  Now I see it and automatically see it in a different way than others.  In my opinion, from the beginning the women coming out of the apartment as the camera is on its way in, and how the woman or "narrator" says "you  might be wondering is this the one you want?" As soon as the camera enters the room it makes you think something totally different from liquor.  From this point on the camera focuses on different of the woman's body parts.

Why must women be used in this way to draw attention to an alcoholic drink?

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  1. Just like you, I would have never thought anything of this commercial before taking this Media course. I also think that it is weird that women have to be used to sell products that have no direct connection to them. I think that this commercial and many other advertisements use women to draw attention to the product that they are selling because, like we have herd many times before “sex sells”. Having a woman who is being very seductive in an advertisement will draw a lot of attention not only to men but I think to anyone. This commercial sparked my attention because it was dark, and it left me wanting to know what it was trying to sell, since you don’t get that right at the beginning. What is disturbing is that the commercial is basically comparing a woman to a bottle of alcohol, asking the viewer to choose between the two. It is very degrading and it aggravates me!