Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Media Moment: Straight Men Respond to Gay Men

Given the topic of the upcoming class, I figured this would be fitting. College Humor recently had a comedic video about gay men threatening to marry straight men's girlfriends if their marriage rights weren't given. The video was a pretty big success. In response, Scotch Tape (small internet based media makers, I'm guessing) made this video, where straight men respond to the gay men from that video. 

The video is about how straight men encourage gay men to marry their girlfriends, because their girlfriends are huge chores that they just want to get rid of. 

The two top comments on youtube praise the video as comedic, telling others that it's meant to be sarcastic and satirical, and that they should therefore not take the video seriously. 

Just because something is sarcastic or satirical, does that make it automatically inoffensive? 
Does anyone find this video to be unapologetically stereotypical toward straight men, gay men, or women? Or all three? 


  1. Yup, its a big steaming mess of stereotypes and offensiveness. Is it funny? Or witty? Or insightful? No, not really...At least not to me. Though I would rather people be allowed to say anything they want, rather then to only be able to say what is allowed. Comedy is sacred, even if it's bad comedy. If you can't stand it, turn it off and go do something else. People should be desensitized to stereotypes, so emotion can be excised from it. Then I think its possible to look at something for what it truly is.

  2. This video is insulting to all groups involved. It plays in cliched stereotypes that are not funny or anything original. It makes straight men look conceited and unintelligent, it makes straight women look desperate and marriage-crazy, and it makes gay men look like one-dimensional stereotypes. The running joke in the media is that men hate their girlfriends and hate their wives, and I have never really found that funny. It makes women appear to be crazy and encourages men to disrespect their significant other.

  3. I feel like I just wasted 3 minutes of my life watching such a ridiculous and ignorant video. Not everyone thinks this way and on top of that this type of video is very offensive to all sexes regardless. These are the type of videos that make guys look extremely stupid, but to top of it all off people who see this who lack media literacy will automatically assume that this is hilarious and that what they're saying is true. These type of videos would only attract guys who have the maturity level of a 5 year old