Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Double Standard?

I am posting this video, even it happened a while ago, it is about the covering of the story of how a mexican female reporter was treated in the looker room of the NFL Jets team when she tried to interview Mark Sanchez. It got my attention in the way that one anchor tried to defend Ines Sainz and the other one encourages the audience to think about it is wrong to dress the way the reporter did and because of that she deserved to be harassed.
 If the reporter was an American, she will get the same treatment. Was the reporter's dressing fault to be harassed? And what is a "proper" dress code for a hooker? By deciding how a woman has to dress in certain way it is not form of censorship, what about freedom of expression?

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  1. I think just the fact she is a female in a male dominated sport she will have to deal with people commneting on her.