Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Reflection 1

One of the most enlightening discussions in class so far has been the discussion concerning Asian American women in media. The lack of names that the class was able to produce of Asian women in the spotlight was demonstrative of the struggle that Asian women face being recognized for their achievements. In other discussions, we were able to list names of Latin American, and Black women who had a presence in the public eye but the fact that we couldn’t name as many Asian women was concerning and shows how far we have to come as a culture as far as acceptance goes. The few we were able to name fell into many of the same stereotypes, meaning they didn’t have an identity of their own. Instead many like Connie Chung were simply made out to represent an Asian stereotype in their public portrayal. This was no fault of theirs, however. It is up to us as the public to not use social constructs to understand someone’s identity, and instead allow all public figures to exist independently from one another, without the inaccurate stereotypes and schemas we are prone to as a consumer based society. 

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