Monday, October 21, 2013

Media Moment 2: "UN Women Campaign" How does the world really feel about women?

I thought this ad campaign was a clever way to use the real life proof of data collected from googles popular searches on its search engine to emphasize what general population searches for in regards to women. To demonstrate the extent of global gender inequality, the branch of the U.N. that focuses on women's issues (UN Women) has created a powerful advertising campaign with this information in the form of autocomplete entries. As it turns out, the most popular Google searches indicate sexist attitudes that still persist today. I thought this was interesting because it is almost an unconscious census of popular opinion. When people know they are being monitored they are likely to shift their viewpoint to be more politically correct or more accepted by society, but this isn't something you consider when you are searching in cyber space. Does this campaign show how little progress has been made in regards to women's rights? Is this information trustworthy? What kind of issues can be brought up with this data? Let me know what you think below!

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  1. I came across these ads too and found them to be really interesting. Especially when i read that these were actual google searches. While they do differ depending on what country they checked they all have similar themes of submission and/or inferiority. In all 4 of these ads you can see the hegemonic male dominated structure in play.